Feel free to ask me anything about Azure and SQL Server during office hours. I’m here to help with all your queries!

  1. Don’t hug people, they’re just walking bags of germs and snot. Wash your hands and stay safe out there! 🀧🧼
  2. Don’t turn on auto update stats for tables that see a lot of rows come in and go out quickly.
  3. If the DBA says they don’t know what a job does, it probably belongs in the app code.
  4. It’s not safe to install the Microsoft Ace olb provider on SQL.
  5. If the only person who knows how to troubleshoot a job is outside of the group, it belongs in the app code.
  6. Don’t rely on automated documentation for complicated T-SQL code. The "why" is more important than the "what."
  7. Hierarchy ID data type can cause performance issues on large tables, especially with self-joins.

Stay safe and keep learning, party people! πŸš€

Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About Azure and SQL Server

🌟 Key Takeaways

  • Brent Ozar shares insights and answers questions about Azure and SQL Server.
  • Friendliness and professionalism are evident in his responses.
  • The text consists of various questions about technical topics related to Azure and SQL Server.

Office Chat and Personal Update

In a casual and friendly tone, Brent Ozar shares about his recent health struggles and personal experiences, as well as acknowledging and interacting with the audience.

πŸ“Œ Table: Recent Chats and Updates

Chat Content
Personal updates and health struggles
Interactions with the audience

Technical Q&A

Brent Ozar responds to technical questions from the audience in an engaging and informative manner.

πŸ“ List: Topics Covered

  • Addressing module-specific tuning issues
  • Point-in-time recovery with large databases
  • Safety of installing the Microsoft Ace olb provider on SQL Server
  • Implementation of automated tests with the responder kit
  • Limitations and considerations for UTF cations

Expert Tips and Insights

Brent Ozar shares expertise and tips on handling technical challenges and best practices.

πŸ“„ Quote:

"If the DBA says they don’t know what running this does, then they shouldn’t be responsible for doing it."

Conclusion and Wellness Reminder

In a lighthearted and caring tone, Brent Ozar provides a wellness reminder to the audience, advocating for proper hygiene and consideration for others’ health.

πŸš€ FAQ:

  • The text covers a range of technical queries related to Azure and SQL Server with expert insights from Brent Ozar.
  • Brent Ozar’s friendly and professional tone creates an engaging and informative atmosphere throughout the discussion.

Overall, the text provides a glimpse into a casual and interactive technical discussion with Brent Ozar, offering expert advice and insights while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor.

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