Explore ORACLE 19c tutorials with guidance from Mr. Murali. Master the latest ORACLE technologies and become an expert in no time!

Mr. Murali Sir’s Oracle 19c tutorials are like a treasure trove of database knowledge. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned programmer, the insights shared here are as valuable as gold. From the basics of SQL to the intricate details of plsql, every aspect is covered. It’s like being handed the key to a world of data wizardry! 🌟

What is Oracle 19c? πŸ“Š

The Oracle 19c tutorials by Mr. Murali Sir provide comprehensive knowledge for programmers on data handling and database management. In this course, various concepts like how to store data online, relational learning, and database queries are covered in depth.

Key Takeaways

Importance of 19cOracle 19c is a dynamic software that can handle large relational databases
SQL TrainingThe course will provide extensive training on SQL, preparing learners for academic projects

Learning Oracle 19c πŸ“š

It is a comprehensive tutorial that teaches various SQL concepts including the creation of tables and handling triggers and transactions. The course aims to make learning SQL easy for newcomers.

Useful Techniques

  1. Focus on Object-Relational Concepts
  2. Utilize the latest SQL language techniques for efficient database management

"SQL is the language you will rely on for database management."

Using Oracle 19c πŸ’»

The course focuses on providing in-depth training on using Oracle tools, such as Oracle Server and MySQL. Learners can expect to gain a thorough understanding of the tools required to manage databases effectively.

Key Tools

ToolUse Case
Oracle ServerA powerful tool for managing large databases more effectively
MySQLFor personal and small-scale database management

Oracle 19c Applications πŸ’‘

This course not only imparts knowledge but prepares learners for real-world usage. It covers how Oracle is used in various scenarios such as deposit transactions and performing structured query language.

  • Inclusion of Scenarios
  • Advanced techniques for implementing Oracle in real-life scenarios.

"Understanding real-life situations is one of the core purposes of this course."

Data Modeling in Oracle 19c πŸ“Š

Learning the underlying data structures and modeling concepts in Oracle 19c is a critical aspect of this course. It is essential to understand the structure and relational concepts of the database.

Data Modeling Concepts

  1. Understanding data structures
  2. Learning the relational data model
  3. Differences between data formats

"Modeling data in the right way can help in efficient database management."

Understanding Oracle Concepts πŸ“

Diving deeper into the course, Oracle 19c covers a wide range of concepts. It explains various aspects like creating departments, manipulating data, the importance of relational databases, and the usage of SQL.

Dimensions of Oracle Concepts

  • In-depth understanding of manipulating data.
  • Importance of structured and non-procedural language in database management.

"Detailed understanding of Oracle concepts is the key to effective database administration and management."

Oracle Database Usage πŸ–₯️

The course details aspects of storing and retrieving data in the Oracle database. There is a specific focus on how SQL commands and syntax play a crucial role in maintaining databases.

Essential Commands and Syntax

  1. Usage of SQL commands for data manipulation
  2. Understanding the syntax for data storage

"Mastering SQL commands is crucial for database professionals."

Advanced Oracle 19c Training πŸŽ“

As the course progresses, learners are introduced to advanced techniques including data transformations, batch processing, and real-time applications.

Advanced Learning Areas

  1. Real-time data processing using Spark
  2. Spark-based batch processing

"The advanced training prepares learners for complex data processing and handling in real-world scenarios."

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