Explore 5 Essential Local LLMs for Better Performance!

Local LLMs are the real deal! No need for internet or GPUs, and your data stays private. Five top-notch frameworks – Ollama, GPT for All, Private GPT, Llama CPP, and Lang Chain. Get ’em running on your machine and start chatting with llamas or build complex apps. It’s like having the llama in your backyard! πŸ¦™

Ol Lama 🐐

With Ol Lama, you can run LLMs locally through your command line and is probably the easiest framework to get started with. Just use the installer or the command line to install it, and then you can type ol Lama run and the model name to start an interactive session where you can send prompts. It supports all important models and allows you to try out new models easily. Additionally, Ol Lama has a REST API that will be served on your Local Host automatically.

InteractiveRun an interactive session in the command line to send prompts to the LLMs
Model SupportSupports all important models and allows for easy integration of new models
REST APIServes a REST API on your Local Host automatically for seamless interaction with models

GPT for All πŸ’¬

GPT for All is a free-to-use locally running, privacy-aware jetbot clone that comes with a nice UI. It’s super easy to install with installers available for every major operating system. With this framework, you can chat with LLMs locally, install different models, and even download embedding models to upload your local documents for information retrieval purposes.

User InterfaceComes with a smooth and user-friendly UI for effortless interaction with LLMs
Model CustomizationAllows for installation and integration of various models for different use-cases
Document QueryingUpload local documents for the model to retrieve and provide relevant information

Private GPT πŸ”

Private GPT comes with a nice UI to chat with LLMs and focuses on interacting with your own documents 100% privately. To get it running, you need at least Python 3.11, and then you’ll be able to effortlessly upload your files and query the documents using the provided interface.

Document PrivacyEnsures complete privacy by allowing users to interact with their own documents only
Gradio Front EndFeatures a customizable front end that simplifies the process of uploading documents
Easy QueryingEffortlessly query the documents and receive valuable responses from the model

Llama CPP πŸš€

Llama CPP is a port of Facebook’s Llama model in C C++ and supports running all major LLMs. While it may be a bit more tricky to get this running, the speed and flexibility it offers make it worthwhile. Llama CPP is credited for enabling other frameworks due to its unique project dynamic.

High SpeedUtilizes C C++ to ensure high speed and performance of LLMs
Model FlexibilitySupports running all major LLMs, providing users with a broad range of model choices
Project EnablerEnables functionality for other frameworks due to its unique model format

Lang Chain 🐍

Lang Chain is a framework for developing applications powered by language models and offers a whole guide about running LLMs locally. It provides the most flexibility and allows for the building of more complex projects on top of it. While it involves more coding, Lang Chain offers unparalleled possibilities.

Application PowerCreates a framework for developing applications powered by language models
FlexibilityOffers the most flexibility and allows for the building of more complex projects
Model IntegrationCan import other frameworks and allows for the development of sophisticated projects

These are the five must-know Frameworks to run LLMs locally. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite or if you know any other good ones. We hope to see you in the next video on our Channel! πŸ“

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