In 2024, I am leveling up my planning game - no time for second best. This year, it's all about goals and executing them. My big move is launching my mobile app, and my strategy is breaking it down into 12-week goals. Finances are a different ball game now, so I'm meticulously tracking and budgeting. Working with a designer for the app has been a game-changer, and implementing the designs has been a grind, but it's been a fun grind. And hey, NYC in winter is actually pretty peaceful and productive. Cheers to making things happen! 🚀📱💰

Reflecting and Setting Intentions

Reflecting on the past year has been crucial in planning for the future. Although 2023 was a challenging year, I am determined to make 2024 a year of achievement. Setting goals and intentions is key to living the life I desire, and I am ready to put in the work to make it happen. I have learned that while things may not always go as planned, setting goals and creating a plan brings me closer to achieving them.

Principales conclusiones:

ReflectionsSetting Intentions
2023 was challengingPlanning for a great 2024
Setting goals is criticalThe importance of direction

Strategic Planning for My App 📱

Breaking down my yearly goal of launching my app into manageable 12-week goals has been the secret to my success. Allocating realistic timeframes for each goal has allowed me to plan out my weekly tasks. I have also committed to scheduling dedicated time in my calendar for app development and implemented a habit tracker to keep me accountable. While some may say it's "extra," this level of planning keeps me on track and motivated.

H2 Planning Process

Breakdown of yearly goalsAllocating 12-week goals for app development
Calendar schedulingBlocking out daily time for coding tasks
Habit tracker implementationKeeping myself accountable week by week and day by day

Financial Planning 💰

Adapting to the fluctuating income of content creation has led me to a more meticulous approach to financial planning. Analyzing bank statements, budgeting general expenses, and automating investing has been essential. Prioritizing savings and investments ensures financial stability, even in an industry with varying income.

H2 Planning Process

Bank statement analysisTracking and budgeting expenses
Automating investingEnsuring financial stability through strategic investing
Adapting to incomeAdjusting budgeting methods for fluctuating content creation income

Collaborating with a Designer 🎨

Working with a designer for the first time has been an exciting new experience for me. Through thorough communication of my app vision and providing assets, we have made substantial progress. The step-by-step process of wireframing, feedback, and prototype development has brought the app to life. Now, it's my turn to implement the designs—learning and growing with each step.

H2 Collaboration Process

Wireframing and asset communicationClear communication of app vision
Prototype development and feedbackIterative design process
Finalizing engineering specs and designBringing the app to life

Implementing App Designs and Development 🖥️

iOS development has been an incredibly rewarding journey for me. The progress made in designing the app and implementing the screens has been substantial. Learning the intricacies of app development has given me a newfound appreciation for professional app developers. Despite the challenges, I wake up every day eager to continue working on this project that will not only solve my problem but also help others manage their screen time.

Principales conclusiones:

App DevelopmentRewarding Progress
Facing challengesEager to continue
Solving a problemAppreciating developers

Continuing Productivity in New York City 🏙️

Finding a productive workspace outside my home has been essential for maintaining focus. Explore Union Square and downtown Manhattan, the peace and tranquility of the city in winter provide the perfect setting for uninterrupted work. With progress in the app development, alongside financial planning and personal reflections, I am dedicated to making 2024 a year of accomplishment.

In conclusion, planning, reflection, and continuous progress have been the highlights of my productive week as a software engineer living in NYC. I am excited to continue the journey of building and launching my app, and I look forward to sharing the journey with everyone.

Q: Is iOS development challenging?
A: Yes, it requires dedication, but it's also incredibly rewarding.

Q: How do you stay motivated during financial planning?
A: Prioritizing savings and investments keeps me focused on long-term financial stability.

Q: What inspired the app development journey?
A: The desire to solve a personal problem and help others manage their screen time.

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