Enhance your Portraits: Master the AI Power of Photoshop Filters

The smart portrait neural filter in Photoshop beta is out of this world! It can make you look older, angrier, or give you a different hairstyle. It’s like magic, but in the cloud. The results are surprisingly realistic, but it’s still a work in progress. Can’t wait to see what new filters are coming! πŸ‘΅πŸ”₯πŸ“Έ #NeuralFilterMagic

In this lesson, we are exploring the Smart Portrait Neural Filter in Photoshop Beta. This filter offers experimental options and upcoming features. Some include a Portrait generator, water long exposure, shadow regenerator, and noise reduction. These features enable users to enhance and modify images in innovative ways.

Upcoming Features πŸ‘€

The neuro filter panel will open up to all filters and a weight list of upcoming features. The Portrait generator will allow users to generate unique photorealistic faces. The water long exposure feature will create a smoother effect in images, while the shadow regenerator will eliminate unwanted shadows. Additionally, the noise reduction feature will improve overall image quality.

Innovation In Action

Portrait GeneratorGenerates unique photorealistic faces based on specified characteristics.
Water Long ExposureCreates a smooth effect to mimic longer exposure in images.
Shadow RegeneratorRemoves unwanted shadows and brightens up images.
Noise ReductionImproves overall image quality by reducing dust and unwanted visual noise.

Smart Portrait Filter Overview βš™οΈ

The Smart Portrait filter processes data in the cloud, allowing users to change specific features of a portrait. However, while it offers exciting possibilities, some features are still in beta and may not be perfect yet.

Age and Expression Modification

The filter enables users to modify the subject’s age, hair thickness, expressions, and global features. It’s important to note that the filter processes in the cloud and may take some time to generate the desired results.

Age ModifierAlter the subject’s age to create different looks, such as previewing future appearances or aging for advertising.
ExpressionModify the subject’s expressions, including happiness, anger, and surprise.
Global ChangeAdjust the head direction and lighting direction to enhance overall composition.

Customization and Retention

Users can customize the modifications and ensure the filter retains the original quality of the image. By utilizing the mask feature, it’s possible to further fine-tune the adjustments to achieve the desired result.

Modify DetailsEnsure the filter retains the unique details of the image, such as facial features and textures.
Mask OptionsUtilize the mask feature to refine specific areas of the image, such as hair, expressions, and overall composition.


The Smart Portrait Neural Filter in Photoshop Beta provides a glimpse into the future of image editing. With its cloud-based processing and innovative features, users have the ability to modify and enhance portraits in a unique and personalized manner. As new updates and filters continue to be developed, the possibilities for creativity and expression are endless.

Key Takeaways

  • Smart Portrait filter offers age modification, expression changes, and global adjustments.
  • Users can experiment with upcoming features such as the Portrait generator and water long exposure.
  • Customization and retention options provide fine-tuning capabilities for tailored results.

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  • Q: Does the Smart Portrait filter only work on human portraits?

    • A: While it is primarily designed for portraits, the filter can also be applied to various subjects to modify features and expressions.
  • Q: Are there limitations to the age modification feature?

    • A: The age modification feature can be tailored to diverse age ranges, providing flexibility in creating distinct looks.

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