Enhance Next JS with Spline for 3D Modeling Integration!

Adding a 3D model to your website using Spline is like adding a splash of magic to your page. It’s as simple as following the cursor and adding some cool effects. With Spline, you can get super creative and make your website stand out. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it looks amazing! Give it a try and watch your website come to life! βœ¨πŸš€

Introduction 🌐

In this video, Jay demonstrates how to add a 3D model to a website using spline. The possibilities are endless and it’s easier than you think.

Getting Started with Spline

Jay starts with a simple webpage and adds a 3D model of an eye that follows the cursor. He uses Spline, a 3D modeling animation software, to create the eye and its movement. By adding a few lines of code, he achieves the desired effect effortlessly.

Installing Spline Package

To begin, Jay installs the Spline package using npm. This allows him to integrate Spline into his Next.js website seamlessly.

Integrating Spline into Next.js

After installing the Spline package, Jay imports it into his webpage and adds the 3D model using the Spline scene component. He then customizes the position and size of the model to fit his website perfectly.

Styling the 3D Model

Jay uses CSS to style the 3D model, ensuring that it covers the entire background of the website. This creates a visually stunning effect that enhances the overall user experience.

Conclusion ✨

By following Jay’s tutorial, you can easily add a 3D model to your Next.js website using Spline. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your website stand out and impress your visitors.

Key Takeaways πŸš€

  • Spline is a powerful tool for adding 3D models to websites
  • Integrating Spline into Next.js is straightforward and efficient
  • Customizing the appearance of 3D models using CSS can create visually stunning effects


Q: Can I use Spline with other web development frameworks?
A: Yes, Spline can be integrated into various web development frameworks, making it a versatile choice for adding 3D models to websites.

Q: Are there limitations to what I can create with Spline?
A: While Spline is great for simple 3D models, it also offers advanced features for creating complex and intricate designs.

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