Elon Musk expresses anger over Tesla problem, delivery delays, Model S range update, OpenAI legal battle, and Full Self-Driving.

Elon’s furious at Tesla’s legal saga, slamming lawyers for a $6 billion payout. The irony? Lawyers claim it’s all fair game, but Musk calls it "absolutely disgusting hypocrisy." This legal mess doesn’t just hurt Tesla; it’s a blow to every shareholder. Musk’s fight isn’t about money; it’s a principled stand against AI’s potential dangers. OpenAI’s shift to closed source? Musk finds it hypocritical, lacking transparency. In the self-driving realm, Tesla’s latest beta faces challenges, signaling progress but still needing refinement. Stay tuned for the rollercoaster of Tesla updates! πŸš—πŸ’₯

Elon Musk expresses outrage about various issues related to Tesla, including a lawsuit, delivery numbers, changes to Model S range, and the progress of Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology. He criticizes lawyers for seeking $6 billion in Tesla stock as part of a settlement, arguing that it would harm shareholders and demotivate him. Musk also discusses delivery numbers from European countries, pointing out fluctuations and predicting lower sales in Europe. Additionally, he comments on production challenges, market demand, and regulatory changes affecting Tesla and other electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. Musk’s concerns extend to AI safety, particularly regarding OpenAI’s direction, which he perceives as deviating from its original mission.

πŸ”₯ Outrage and Legal Battles

Elon Musk expresses outrage over a lawsuit involving Tesla’s shareholder pay package, criticizing the legal team’s demands for $6 billion in stock. He argues that approving this compensation would harm Tesla’s stock and demotivate him, highlighting the hypocrisy of the situation.

πŸ’Ό European Delivery Numbers

Delivery numbers from European countries raise concerns, with fluctuations and predictions of lower sales in Europe. Musk discusses production challenges, market demand, and regulatory changes affecting Tesla and other EV manufacturers.

European Delivery Numbers
Year Over Year:
Notable Trend:
US Market Challenges
Model 3 Production:
Model Y Demand:
Chinese Market:

πŸš— Model S Range Update

Tesla updates the range of the Model S, introducing changes to the all-wheel-drive dual version and hinting at additional features like a bumper camera and ambient lighting. Musk suggests these adjustments reflect Tesla’s commitment to improving its vehicles.

πŸ› οΈ Sabot TR Owner’s Service

Tesla releases a Sabot TR owner’s service guide, emphasizing DIY maintenance tips and cautionary measures to avoid damage to the vehicle. Musk shares anecdotes about his experiences with Tesla vehicles and highlights the convenience of electric charging stations.


Elon Musk’s concerns about Tesla’s legal battles, delivery numbers, vehicle updates, and AI safety underscore the challenges facing the company and the broader EV industry. Despite setbacks, Musk remains committed to advancing sustainable transportation and AI ethics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Legal disputes over compensation packages raise concerns about shareholder interests.
  • Fluctuating delivery numbers in Europe reflect market dynamics and regulatory changes.
  • Tesla continues to innovate with updates to vehicle features and owner services.
  • Musk emphasizes the importance of transparency and consistency in AI development to ensure ethical and safe outcomes.

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