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The new JMeter correlation plugin version 2.3 includes a history manager, which allows us to easily identify and fix token issues in our test. We can apply predefined rules from BlazeMeter to capture and place the tokens where needed, ensuring a smooth test execution. The history manager also allows us to version and export our tests, making test management much easier. This update is a game changer for JMeter users! Check it out now! πŸš€πŸ”₯πŸ‘ #JMeter #BlazeMeter #CorrelationPlugin

Introduction πŸ“’

In this Digo session, we will explore an update to the JMeter correlation plugin offered by BlazeMeter.

Plugin Manager Update πŸ› οΈ

Upon checking the plugin manager, it’s evident that the BlazeMeter correlation plugin’s latest version is 2.3, which now includes a history manager.

The Need for Correlation πŸ”

When playing back a test before correlation, errors are encountered due to issues with tokens. These errors occur in multiple places throughout the recorded test.

Applying the Correlation Wizard πŸ§™

Utilizing a predefined template from BlazeMeter, we apply the necessary rules to capture and place the required token in the test, effectively correlating the test.

Correlation Workings πŸ”„

By re-running the test post-correlation, the previously encountered errors are resolved, and the test runs successfully.

Versioning and Restoring Test πŸ”„

The new version allows for the utilization of the history manager to view, restore, and export different iterations of the test.

Export Functionality πŸ“‚

The plugin also allows for the export of the test in JSON and zip file formats, providing flexibility in using and archiving the test for different versions of JMeter.


The new JMeter correlation versioning update by BlazeMeter provides exciting features that simplify the management and versioning of JMeter tests, making it a valuable tool for developers and testers alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • The latest BlazeMeter correlation plugin version 2.3 integrates a history manager, allowing for improved test correlation.
  • Utilizing predefined templates and the history manager simplifies the process of capturing and storing tokens required for test execution.
  • The export functionality enables the archiving and transfer of tests across different versions of JMeter.


  • How does the new update benefit JMeter users?
    • The update simplifies test correlation and enhances version control and management of JMeter tests.

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