"Resolvendo desafio backend pleno com Spring + AWS + Mongo: A chave para o sucesso é usar o Spring para construir uma API robusta. Use o MongoDB para criar um banco de dados flexível e eficiente. Com o Amazon SNS, você pode enviar mensagens de forma assíncrona e o Amazon SQS permite consumir essas mensagens de maneira eficiente. A combinação dessas tecnologias vai impulsionar sua aplicação para o próximo nível! 🚀"

Introduction 🚀

The video today is for companies working on backend development, as we are going to use Spring. It will help us understand the challenges developers face and how to send tests between Friday and Monday.

Building an API with Spring and MongoDB

In this section, we will understand the requirements of this challenge. We need to develop a system with several features and functionalities to start a personal business application that will enable users to browse, discover and categorize products.
We will also be working with a database and AWS services to manage real-time data processing.

CategoryConsists of several products
UserCan browse and categorize products
Product CategoryBelongs to specific categories
DatabaseHolds the product catalog data

Setting Up the Environment 💻

To get started with the development environment, you will need to install the necessary dependencies. You will be using Spring Web and Spring Data to interact with the MongoDB.
It is essential to ensure that the configurations are added properly in the application.

//Example Code
public class Category {
  private String id;
  private String title;
  private String description;
  private List<Product> products;

Creating the MongoDB Connection

The first step is to create a MongoDB connection. This is vital to ensure that the queries are executed correctly and the data is fetched from the database.

Developing the Application

Once the connection is established, you can begin to develop the application. This involves creating domain representations for products and categories, adding a REST controller for the API and integrating the service layer.

Testing and Deploying the Application

After the application is developed, it is important to test the functionality and ensure that the requests and responses are handled correctly. Once the tests pass, you can deploy the application to the AWS.


In this article, we learned how to build a backend system with Spring, MongoDB, and AWS. This system provides a user-friendly interface for browsing products and categories, and a real-time data processing system using AWS services. This will be helpful in managing catalogs and processing data effectively.

Wichtigste Erkenntnisse

  • Spring: Building a backend API using Spring and MongoDB.
  • AWS: Utilizing AWS services for real-time data processing.
  • MongoDB: Establishing a connection with MongoDB in a Spring application.

Remember to run this application locally before deploying it to a live environment. 🌟

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