Mobileye has unveiled a new operating system, DXP, for Adas. It's a game-changer, allowing car makers to differentiate and universally understand the environment, while optimizing the driving experience. And about sales, the first quarter will be down 50% year on year, but the rest of the year will see growth and normalization. Also, the deal with Mahindra for Adas tech has seen strong demand, showing a need for safety on new roads being built in India. There is also a deal with an unnamed automaker, but I can't spill the beans on the supplier, even though we've won 17 models. So, we're definitely scaling up! 🚗📈

Mobileye Unveils DXP Operating System 🚗

Understanding the New DXP OS

Mobileye has announced the release of a new operating system called DXP. It stands for Driving Experience Platform and aims to bridge the gap between a supplier's need to create a universal system and a customer's desire to differentiate their driving experience. The DXP OS separates driving policy into a universal part and unique part, enabling car makers to create and customize a unique driving experience for each model.

Tall Tales of AI and validation

The main purpose of DXP is to handle the universal AI processes, such as perception, and the unique driving policy decisions specific to each car model. This allows car makers to create a customized operating system comparable to writing an app for an iPhone, bringing differentiation and individuality to the driving experience.

Universal FeaturesEinzigartige MerkmaleCost Reduction
PerceptionHMI and ControlOptimal Scaling
LightingDecision Making PoliciesPersonalisierung

The Benefits of DXP

The DXP operating system provides a scalable solution for the complexity of systems in a cost-effective manner. This platform offers car makers full control over the driving experience, ultimately improving the management, functionality, and design across multiple car models.

Financial Forecast and Challenges

Mobileye predicts that the first quarter of 2024 will show a 50% reduction in sales compared to the previous year, due to the large inventory of chips during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unexpected situation caused significant discrepancies in sales forecasting and disrupted production levels, which led to a decline in sales estimates.

"This is the Dark Side of having long-term commitments," says Mobileye's CEO, adding "It's difficult to forecast a year and a half ahead in the midst of uncertainties."

Growth and Expansion

The announcement of Mobileye's partnership with Mahindra, a leading automaker in India, signifies the successful implementation of Adas Technology, with a strong demand for safety in the region. India stands out as a territory of immense potential due to the growing infrastructure for road safety, making it a promising market for innovative driving technologies.

The Path Forward

With promising partnerships and the major wins in securing 17 models of supervision and chauffeur, Mobileye's growth trajectory is clear. The expansion of the supervision platform to 30 car models showcases their ability to adapt to an evolving market and respond to the growing demand for advanced driving technology.

Deal TypeModels SecuredBedeutung
Mahindra Partnership17High Demand
Unnamed Automaker17 Models in 2026Future Growth

Bright Prospects

Although the unnamed automaker remains shrouded in mystery, it's a testament to Mobileye's success, emphasizing the significance of continued partnerships and product innovation. The emerging territory of India provides a glimpse into the future of adaptive AI and driving solutions, signifying a compelling era of growth and potential expansion for Mobileye.

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