Creating My App | A Day in the Life of a London Software Engineer (ep. 14)

Building MVPs is all about keeping it simple and launching soon as possible. No need for a fancy database, just a Json file will do the trick for now. And when it comes to marketing, go viral with shorts and provide value, not the hard sell. It’s all about the grind, but sticking to time blocks keeps the day on track. Cheers! 🚀


In this episode, we follow a lead software and design engineer in London who recently left their job to build their own design and development agency called Design Tide. Throughout the day, they engage in deep work sessions, work on client projects, update their agency’s website, and focus on marketing. They also share feedback and plans for their new product, In, a tool that allows users to save, search, and manage UK companies quickly and easily.

Morning Deep Work Session

The morning starts with a deep work session, focusing on development projects for Design Tide. The priority is to keep things simple and launch an MVP as soon as possible, rather than getting caught up in building the perfect product.

Design Tide Development Project

Building an MVP for client projectIn progress
Integrating Json file for data storageAlmost done
Refreshing Design Tide websiteUnderway

Marketing and Client Engagement

The afternoon is dedicated to marketing efforts, such as creating and sharing short videos, engaging on Twitter, and collecting feedback for the In product.

Marketing Strategy

  • Focusing on providing value through short videos
  • Consistent daily marketing efforts
  • Engaging with the audience on Twitter

In Product Feedback and Next Steps

The creator shares feedback received for the In product and outlines the next steps for development based on user suggestions and requests.

Feedback Collection

FeedbackAction Plan
Improved company result displayAdding quick summaries and financial info
Ability to generate lists of companiesEnhance search and results
Sales research tool from user databaseFuture development plan

Continued Tasks and Future Plans

The day concludes with tasks such as video editing, LinkedIn outreach, and networking, highlighting the importance of time blocking and respecting task boundaries.

Networking Goals

  • LinkedIn and Twitter engagement
  • Building a professional network
  • Balancing development with marketing efforts

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Prioritize simplicity and launching MVPs for client projects.
  2. Consistent marketing efforts play a crucial role in brand building.
  3. User feedback is invaluable for product development.
  4. Balancing deep work with marketing and networking is essential.
  5. Time blocking helps maintain focus and productivity.

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