Create and launch a complete hotel booking web application: Next.js 14, React.js, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, and Prisma.

A full-stack hotel booking web app is like creating a secret recipe. Piece it together using Next.js, React.js, TS, TailwindCSS, and Prisma. It’s not just about the code – it’s about the experience. Start booking now and enjoy the magic!✨🏨

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Build and Deploy a Fullstack Hotel Booking Web App: Next.js 14, React.js, TS, TailwindCSS, Prisma

🏨 Introduction

In this article, we will explore how to build and deploy a full-stack hotel booking web application using technologies like Next.js 14, React.js, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS. We’ll also discuss the usage of Prisma for database management.

Key Takeaways

Build TechnologiesDeployment
Next.js 14, React.js, TailwindCSSDeployment Strategy Using Prisma

πŸ–₯ Setting Up the Application

Once we select the right image and amenities for the hotel, we will create the application. This step will involve using the terminal and control-clicking in the application to add components. We’ll also discuss the files and folders structure.

Best Practices in Component Creation

Folder StructureRight-click Adding Components
Component HandlingChoosing the Right Image or Amenity for Hotel

βš™οΈ Configuring the Application

During this configuration stage, we will see how to add and modify the styles, using TailwindCSS and Prisma. We will ensure that the application uses full routing with error handling.

Application Configuration Process

  • Component Styling
  • Routing in TypeScript Using TailwindCSS

πŸ›  Building the User Interface

We will proceed to build the UI components and layout design for the web application. This involves the creation of alerts, toggles, and other user interface elements.

UI Components and Layout Design

UI Design ProcessUser Interface Creation
Alerts GenerationToggles and Alerts Creation for User Interaction
Input FieldsIntegration of Input Fields for User Interaction

πŸ—„ Database Integration Using Prisma

We will utilize Prisma to connect to the database and handle data operations. This will involve setting up the database schema and integrating it with the application.

Database Integration Process

  • Connecting Prisma to the Database
  • Handling Database Operations Using Prisma

πŸ”’ Secret Key Handling and API Integration

In this section, we will address the management of secret keys, API requests, and data handling. We will also include error logging and management.

Secret Key Handling and API Integration Best Practices

Key ManagementAPI Request Processing
Error LoggingData Handling using APIs

πŸ“… Room Reservation and Booking Process

We’ll discuss how to implement the room reservation and booking process, including form setup, image uploading, and payment integration using Stripe.

Room Reservation and Booking

Room Reservation FlowPayment Integration using Stripe
Form Setup and Image UploadingStripe Payment Integration Process

πŸ›’ Payment Processing and Confirmation

The final step involves handling payment processing, order confirmation, and storing booking details in the database. This will include the usage of Stripe for payment handling.

Payment Processing and Confirmation

  • Total Payment Calculation
  • Order Confirmation and Data Storage in the Database

πŸš€ Deployment and Finalization

Upon successful completion of the build, we’ll discuss the deployment strategy using Prisma and how to finalize the web application for production.

Deployment and Finalization

Deployment ProcessWeb Application Finalization
Heroku DeploymentFinal Steps for Production Deployment

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