Create a complete MVVM app for iOS and Android using Compose Multiplatform in Kotlin.

With Compose Multiplatform in Kotlin, we’re building a full MVVM application for iOS and Android, leveraging the Realm database. The realm seamlessly integrates with mobile, making it easy to use. Download a template from Cam Wizard, make sure the project uses Material 3 design, and customize the material colors in the Material Builder web app. Create a home screen to list and interact with tasks, define a model class to represent a task in the application, and create a view model to encapsulate the logic. Lastly, handle navigation between screens and update the UI based on user actions. πŸ“±πŸš€

Creating a Template for Android and iOS Shared UI Project πŸ“‹

In this step, we will download a template from camo wizard to generate Material 3 UI for both Android and iOS.

Customizing Material Colors 🎨

We will use the Material Builder web application to customize and download material colors for our project, utilizing only two colors for simplicity.

Implementing Root Composable and Custom Colors 🌈

Creating two custom colors for the root composable of both platforms, we will implement our root theme function to create our primary and secondary colors.

πŸ‘‰ Note: We are directly using our root theme function to implement the colors.

Including Libraries for Additional Functionality πŸ“š

We will include necessary artifacts for the library we are using, such as animations, models, and integration with the Coin Library.

Designing Home Screen and Individual Task Screen πŸ“‹

We are going to create two screens – a home screen to list tasks and a second screen to display individual tasks in our application.

Interaction with Local Database using Realm Object πŸ“²

Implementing a Realm object to store and manipulate data locally, we will also create a separate class to handle the data state of our application.

Creating Custom Composable Functions 🎨

We will create custom composable functions to handle loading indicators, display of tasks, and logic for active and completed tasks.

Implementing MongoDB for Database Interactions πŸ“Š

Setting up MongoDB to handle all the functionality for data interaction with the local database, including initializing the realm, reading tasks, updating, and deleting tasks.

Creating View Model and Dependency Injection πŸ”„

Building a view model to encapsulate the logic from MongoDB, we will utilize dependency injection using the Coin Library and create a module for iOS and Android.

Designing Screen for Adding and Editing Tasks πŸ“

We will create a screen to add and edit tasks, including implementing navigation logic, handling user actions, and updating task properties.

Handling Database Interactions and Logic πŸ“‚

Creating a separate class to handle the logic for interacting with the database, including functions for updating, adding, and deleting tasks.

Testing and Debugging the Application πŸ› οΈ

Testing the application on both Android and iOS simulators, addressing any UI issues and ensuring smooth functionality for adding, updating, and deleting tasks.

Conclusion 🌟

In conclusion, we have successfully implemented a data persistence layer for both Android and iOS using Compose Multiplatform, with MongoDB Realm database for local data storage. We have covered the entire process from customizing UI to interacting with the local database, providing a seamless experience across platforms.

Key Takeaways

Key Points
Utilizing Compose Multiplatform for iOS and Android development.
Customizing UI with Material 3 theme and colors.
Interacting with local database using Realm object and MongoDB.
Implementing view model and dependency injection for cross-platform functionality.

Feel free to comment below if you found this tutorial helpful! Thank you for watching! 😊

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