Connect the GUI application with MariaDB and deploy Laravel on a VPS in 10 simple steps.

Connecting a GUI app with MariaDB on a VPS is like adding seasoning to a dish. Use TablePlus to connect and create dazzling tables effortlessly. It’s a game-changer, like discovering a treasure map. Now, unleash the power of database management with ease. Rock on! 🚀🔥

Connecting GUI App with MariaDB on VPS

Setting Up MariaDB

In the previous video, we installed MariaDB on our VPS server. You can find some command snippets for connection and managing databases in MariaDB.

Connecting to MariaDB

To connect to MariaDB, use the following command:

mysql -h localhost -u tony -p

Enter the password when prompted. Once connected, you can use the show databases command to view all the available databases.

Creating a Table

To create a new table named ‘projects’ in the ‘Tony’ database, use the following command:

CREATE TABLE projects (

This command will create a table with an ID column as an auto-incrementing integer.

Using a GUI Application to Connect

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to connect a GUI application to the database on our server using TablePlus, though you can use any preferred tool.

Setting Up the Connection

Open TablePlus and choose MariaDB. Then, configure the connection with the following details:

  • Host:
  • Port: 3306
  • Username: Tony
  • Password: Tony
  • Database: Tony

Importing SSH Keys

To establish a secure connection, import SSH keys by providing the server’s ID and port, along with the required SSH keys. Once configured, you can connect and manage the databases and tables directly from the GUI application.


Connecting your GUI application to the database on a VPS ensures easier management and visualization of the data. By following these steps, you can efficiently work with your databases and tables.

Key Takeaways

  • Use command line for basic database management.
  • GUI applications provide a user-friendly interface for database management.
  • Secure database connections using SSH keys for enhanced security.


  1. Can I use other GUI applications besides TablePlus?
    Yes, you can use any preferred GUI application for managing your MariaDB databases.

  2. Are SSH keys necessary for connecting to the database?
    While not mandatory, SSH keys add an extra layer of security to the database connection.

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