Comparison of Performance between Galaxy S24 Ultra and OnePlus 12

While the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may have the edge in app launching speed, the OnePlus 12’s gaming engine and cooler touch make it a strong contender. Both phones are neck and neck, offering value and performance. It’s a tight call between the two, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preferences and priorities. πŸ“±πŸ’₯

Introduction πŸ“±

In this speed test, we will compare the performance of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the OnePlus 12 to see which one comes out on top.

Boot Up Speed

Let’s start with the boot up speed of both phones. The Galaxy S24 Ultra features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with 16GB of RAM, while the OnePlus 12 has 12GB of RAM and Oxygen OS 14. The boot up speed may not be the fastest on the S24 Ultra, but it still holds its own against the new kid on the block, the OnePlus 12.

DeviceBoot Up Speed
Galaxy S24 UltraModerate
OnePlus 12Quick

The OnePlus 12 displays a faster boot up speed, showcasing its efficiency.

Display and Design

Both phones feature impressive in-display fingerprint sensors, with the OnePlus 12 having a more ergonomic design compared to the boxy style of the S24 Ultra. The 1UI 6.1 on the S24 Ultra delivers smooth performance, but the OnePlus 12 is arguably the smoothest in terms of user experience.

DeviceDisplay and Design
Galaxy S24 UltraIn-display fingerprint sensor, Boxier design
OnePlus 12In-display fingerprint sensor, Ergonomic design

The OnePlus 12’s design and display provide a more user-friendly experience.

Application Test πŸ“²

Moving on to the application test, both phones exhibit high performance, but the OnePlus 12 has the added advantage of a high-performance mode, making it a top contender.

Play StoreResponsive

The OnePlus 12’s high-performance mode enhances its overall speed and efficiency.

Gaming Performance

In terms of gaming performance, both phones offer blazing fast speeds, with the OnePlus 12’s gaming engine delivering impressive results. Whether it’s flat or curved screen preference, both phones excel in providing a satisfactory gaming experience.

Dead Trigger 2Responsive
Tempo Run 2Visually Pleasing
Pubg MobileExceptional
Speed Test NetFaster on OnePlus
Geekbench 6Quicker on Galaxy

RAM Management πŸ“

With the Samsung S24 Ultra boasting 16GB of RAM and the OnePlus 12 holding its own with 12GB of RAM, both phones exhibit excellent multitasking abilities, providing smooth and efficient performance.

DeviceRAM Management
Galaxy S24 UltraImpressive
OnePlus 12Stellar

Conclusion 🏁

In conclusion, both the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the OnePlus 12 offer exceptional performance in a variety of tests. Each phone has its strengths, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra excelling in app launching speed and the OnePlus 12 showcasing its gaming prowess and cooler performance. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and priorities. Let us know your thoughts Down Below in the comments!

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