Boosting Productivity: My New Routine and Favorite Apps for 2024

  1. Using apps may be the key to unlocking productivity.
  2. Using different apps can make a huge difference in organizing daily tasks.
  3. Organizing and planning through calendars can boost productivity.
  4. Chrome’s mode of concentration can be highly useful.
  5. Habit-building apps might be the missing puzzle piece to a productive routine.
  6. Managing passwords effectively is vital to a smooth workflow.

Key Takeaways

The article explores the improvements to the author’s productivity system and offers a comprehensive review of the apps used. It includes an insightful discussion on developing a morning routine and enhancing productivity. Finally, the author shares their experience with a password management application and details the method they have adopted to secure their accounts.

The author began the article by sharing their conversation with a friend who asked about their subscriber count and whether they had achieved their new year’s resolutions. This led the author to reflect on their goals for the year and make changes to their morning routine to enhance productivity.

Improved Productivity with Spark

The author shared their experience with the Spark application for managing emails, explaining how the app’s features have positively impacted their routine and work schedule.

Streamlined Calendar Management

The author discussed how Willy’s insights on productivity helped them simplify their calendar management, leading to a more professional and organized approach to their personal and professional schedules.

Creative Notion Usage for Improved Workflows

The author provided an in-depth account of their experience with Notion and its impact on their video production calendars, emphasizing how combining Notion with Google Calendar has enhanced their productivity.

Milanote Integration for Visual Organization

In this section, the author highlighted the benefits of using Milanote, an online organization and idea visualization tool, to streamline their collaborative efforts and maintain efficient planning workflows.

ARK Browser Customization

The author shared their positive experience with the ARK browser and its personalized features for creating different profiles, emphasizing the seamless transition between profiles and visual aspects to improve web browsing experiences.

Improved Work Focus with Concentration Mode

The author elaborated on their journey of regaining work focus, supported by the reintroduction of a concentration mode that enabled them to enhance their work routines and achieve better productivity.

Habit and Widget Management with Gestures

The author discussed their experiences with Habit to improve routines and habits, focusing on the benefits of the widget management system and its impact on daily activities and performance.

Password Security with One Password

In the final section, the author shared their insights on using One Password, emphasizing the convenience and reliability of the application in managing and securing their account passwords across different devices and platforms.


The article provides a holistic overview of the author’s journey to improve their productivity system, featuring various applications and tools that have significantly contributed to their enhanced workflow and organization. Each section offers valuable insights into the applications and their functionalities, highlighting the positive impact on the author’s daily life and work routine. The author concludes by sharing their positive experiences and encouraging readers to explore these tools for their own productivity enhancements.


  1. How can I benefit from Spark’s email management features?

    • Spark offers customizable email schedules and various organizational tools, making it suitable for professional work routines.
  2. What are the key advantages of using Notion and Google Calendar together?

    • The integration of Notion and Google Calendar provides a streamlined approach to calendar management, offering enhanced visualization and synchronization across different platforms.
  3. How does Milanote support collaborative work processes?

    • Milanote’s visual organization structure facilitates collaborative idea generation and content planning, offering diverse tools for improved team workflows.

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