Another critical flaw in LINUX: WALLSCAPE BUG allows stealing other users’ passwords with a trick.

Another critical failure in Linux: WALLSCAPE BUG allows stealing other users’ passwords with a trick. This bug has been lurking in Linux for years and mainly affects multi-user servers. The vulnerability lies in the ‘wall’ command, which allows users to send messages to others. But, it fails to check for escape characters, making it susceptible to exploitation. Vulnerable servers need immediate updating. Stay safe, keep your Linux updated! 🙂 #LinuxSecurity


The Linux community faces yet another critical bug, known as the WALLSCAPE bug, which has been present in the system for years. This vulnerability poses a serious threat to multi-user servers, as it allows one user to steal the passwords of others with a simple trick involving the ‘wall’ command.

The Vulnerability 🐞

The WALLSCAPE bug, identified as CVE 2024 28 085, exploits a vulnerability in the ‘wall’ command used to send messages to multiple users logged into the same Linux server. This command is commonly used by administrators to broadcast messages or warnings to all users but has been found to have a critical flaw that can be exploited to trick users into revealing their passwords.

How It Works 🕵️‍♂️

The vulnerability arises from the lack of character escape checks when reading messages from prompt arguments, making it possible to insert non-printable characters that masquerade as legitimate messages. Users can be tricked into entering their passwords, thinking it is a system prompt, while it is actually a fabricated command.

Key Takeaways: The WALLSCAPE bug is a critical vulnerability in Linux servers, especially those with multi-user systems. It allows for the theft of user passwords through deceptive messages, posing a serious security threat.

  • Impact on Linux Systems:

    Multiple Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Debian 12.5, are susceptible to the WALLSCAPE bug. It is advised to update to the latest version of Linux to mitigate this vulnerability.

    Vulnerable VersionsMitigated Versions
    Ubuntu 22.04 LTSLatest Version
    Debian 12.5Latest Version
    CentOSNot Vulnerable

    💡 It is crucial to ensure that Linux servers are updated to the latest versions and that the ‘msg’ setting is configured to minimize the risk of exploitation.

Resolution and Recommendations 🛠️

Despite being a critical vulnerability, the WALLSCAPE bug can be easily mitigated by updating the Linux system to the latest version, which includes patches to address this flaw. Administrators are urged to prioritize the update and maintain vigilance regarding potential security threats.


The discovery of the WALLSCAPE bug serves as a reminder that vulnerabilities can impact even the most secure systems. However, the swift resolution and proactive measures taken in response to such findings demonstrate the dedication of the Linux community to upholding the integrity and security of its systems.


  • Q: Is the WALLSCAPE bug prevalent in all versions of Linux?
    • A: No, not all versions are vulnerable. Update to the latest version to address this security flaw.

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