Analyze Multiple Data Sets in Qlik Sense, Qlik Cloud, and QlikView

When handling multiple date sets, the key is to find the overlapping data. It’s like trying to mix oil and water – only the parts that blend together matter. By using set analysis and intersection, I was able to filter out the non-overlapping data and sum up what’s left. It’s like finding the sweet spot in a Venn diagram – where the circles overlap is where the magic happens.πŸ”πŸ“Š #DataAnalysis #KeyInsight

Problem Statement and Approach

In this Community post, the problem statement involves handling two date fields, date one and date two. The requirement is to select a specific date, such as December 23, and retrieve the value of the previous four months, ignoring the current selection. Additionally, the task includes considering a similar timeframe for date two and identifying the records that overlap between the two fields. The goal is to sum the values that fall within the overlapping period.

Solution Exploration

To address this problem, a supporting data set was prepared, including date fields, month name fields, and their corresponding values. Utilizing the Qlik Sense UI, calculations were performed to capture the start and end dates of the previous four months from the selected date. Bar charts were used to visualize the data, with filters applied to date one and date two. The overlapping portion of the data sets was identified, and set analysis intersection was employed to achieve the expected result.

Data Set Preparation

Date FieldMonth Year FieldMonth Name Field
date onemonth year date onemonth name
date twomonth year date twomonth name

Calculations and Visualization

A date set analysis was conducted, utilizing set analysis intersection to sum the specific values within the overlapping period, resulting in the expected outcome of 37.


The problem statement and approach to handle multiple date set analysis intersection using Qlik Sense were thoroughly explored. The provided solution effectively addressed the requirements, utilizing set analysis intersection to sum the values within the overlapping time frame.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the problem statement is crucial in effectively approaching multi-date set analysis.
  • Utilizing set analysis intersection in Qlik Sense can efficiently handle overlapping data sets.

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