Adelaide Pointe Project Manager Addresses Claims of Bike Path Removal

The rumors about the bike path being eliminated near Adelaide Point are false! The new path will be even better with multiple routes along the shoreline. Don’t believe the hype, the public access will remain. The project will bring new recreational space and the bike path will be accessible as soon as this summer. Stay calm and ride on! 🚴🏼‍♂️

What’s Really Happening 🚲

The Adelaide Pointe construction project in Mosan has raised concerns about the potential removal of a bike path. Residents are questioning whether the path will be eliminated due to the development. 13 On Your Side’s Marcus Key is live in Mosan, providing details from the city and the developer.

Responding to Misinformation on Social Media

A social media post raised concerns about the removal of the bike path near Mosan Lake. Operations manager, Aubrey Glick, clarifies that the path is not being removed but will be redirected and improved. False narratives circulating on social media claim that public access is being taken away, but Glick assures that the bike path will be better and more accessible after the completion of the development project.

Misinformation about bike path removalIt will be redirected and improved
False narratives about public accessPublic access will not be taken away

The Extensive Adela Pointe Project

The extensive Adela Pointe project aims to bring condos, restaurants, bars, and new recreational space to the area. The development company expects the project to be completed by 2026, with the new bike path becoming accessible as soon as this summer. While the construction process has temporarily made the bike path inaccessible, it will be restored to its previous condition upon project completion.

Safety Measures During Construction

The City Manager acknowledges the frustrations of residents but emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety during construction. He assures that the dismantling of the bike path was necessary for safety reasons and that it will be replaced once the construction is completed.

Development DetailsSafety Measures
Project completion expected by 2026Dismantling necessary for safety
Bike path inaccessible during constructionPath will be replaced after construction

Now, with this information, the controversy surrounding the alleged bike path removal at Adelaide Pointe has been clarified, and the community can look forward to improved access once the construction is completed.

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