2023-24 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box Review: Connor Bedard RPA Hunt!

Ripping into the SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box, the Bedard hunt begins! With a less than 1% chance, the odds are stacked, but the thrill of the hunt is on. The tiny box packs a punch, delivering game-used patches and a piece of team history. No auto, but the risk is worth it for a piece of decorative banner. Stay tuned for more hockey releases – peace out! 🏒🔥

The Bedard Hunt Continues

For many, the Bedard hunt has come to an end as Series 2 makes its final rounds at the Target and Walmart shelves. But for me, the Bedard Hunt is just beginning. I’m still going to be trying my luck with all these hobby products that come out in search of a really cool Bedard card. Even though the odds are less than 1%, I’m determined to get lucky!

The SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box

The SP Game Used comes in a tiny little box with only six cards, but the potential for some great finds. At about $220, this box holds the promise of some insane patches and unique memorabilia. Let’s see how it goes!

Exploring the Box

  • Disappointment and Intrigue
    The first few cards were regular ones with no patches, a reminder of the less glamorous side of the hobby.
    | Card Number | Player |
    | 226 | Cazol |
    | 111 | Hubero |

  • First Unveilings
    The next reveal was a Tristan Jerry card with a tiny three-color patch, a great example of game-used memorabilia.
    | Player | Patch Details |
    | Tristan | Three-color patch |
    | Jerry | #25 |

  • A Glimpse of the All-Stars
    Following that, a David Pastak jersey card was unveiled, with a little jersey landing strip, a nod to the player’s All-Star Game representation.
    | Player | Details |
    | David Pastak | All-Star Game jersey|

  • An Unexpected Find
    Surprisingly, no autographed card was found, but a Joe Thoron deep cuts card was an interesting discovery.
    | Card Type | Number |
    | Deep Cuts | #250 |

  • History in My Hands
    The final card was a Yany Gourd NHL expansion draft banner year card, a unique piece of team history.
    | Player | Details |
    | Yany Gourd | Piece of decorative banner from NHL draft |

Final Thoughts

The SP Game Used box may not have yielded a Bedard card, but the unique memorabilia and unexpected finds make the hunt worthwhile. Despite some disappointment, I’ll continue to explore other hockey releases. Stay tuned for more hobby box adventures!

Key Takeaways

  • The thrill of the Bedard hunt continues with the SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box.
  • Unexpected finds like game-used patches and unique memorabilia make every box opening an adventure.

Peace out! 🏒

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