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Power Query gives you the power to connect a variety of data sources in Excel and Power BI. From Excel tables and databases to files, websites, and even PDFs, there’s no data source you can’t tap into. The ability to combine and append queries makes it a game-changer for data analysis. Power BI takes it a step further, offering an extensive range of connectors to various services. The potential for data extraction is boundless. Let’s dive into the next class and explore how to connect, transform, and load this wealth of data. 📊 #DataMastery #PowerUpYourQueries

Conecting Different Data Sources: Power Query Course for Excel and Power BI 💡

Now that you know the concepts regarding the location of Power Query, let’s take a look at the different types of data we can connect in each of the data, both in the Excel tool and the Power BI tool.

Excel: Types of Data Connections

We will find the "Get & Transform Data" tool under the "Data" tab in Excel, where we will be able to access recent connections, recent sources, and new sources from different types of files, tables, and ranges.

Type of Data ConnectionDescription
Recent ConnectionsDisplays recent connections to tables and databases
Recent SourcesAccess to different data sources previously connected
File SourcesCan extract data from various file types such as CSV, text, or images

Power BI: Data Sources

Power BI has a similar "Get Data" option where we can access different data sources and data connectors from both local and online services, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Analytics.

Power BI Data SourcesDescription
File Data SourcesSimilar to Excel, can connect different types of files and folders
Database ConnectionsAccess to various database management systems
Power PlatformIntegration with Power BI datasets and flows
Azure ServicesCloud-based data services and other online sources

With these options, we can access a wide variety of data sources, allowing us to begin the initial ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process before analyzing and manipulating the data.

By understanding these connections and the process of extracting data, we are prepared to move on to the next stage of this course. Congratulations on taking those first steps! 🌐

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